Famous Tattoo Artist

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Have you ever imagined that you have a tattoo made by a famous tattoo artist in the world? Usually tattoo created by world-renowned tattoo artists has its own beauty, known more for his work unique among all of the other tattoo artists.

Famous tattoo artist who has been known in the world have a studio or a tattoo shop he built himself, they are known to have a reputation with a tattoo that has been made.

Tatouagues Tin Tin is one of the tattoo artists who have a world renowned stores located in Paris, France. The work of it may be found in many magazines such as Elle magazines, GQ magazines and Givenchy perfume. In addition, Philippe Stark and Marc Jacob are also famous tattoo artists in the world, then there is Jason Zube Boston is famous for its Boston Tattoo Company, which became a winner in the Best Boston.

Picture Gallery of the Famous Tattoo Artist

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